Motorola Retirees Club
of Arizona
P.O.Box 42157, Mesa, AZ 85274

Protect your computer!

As a service to the Club membership, the following links provide free software for Windows based systems to protect your computer from viruses, adware, spybots and filter your email for incoming spam.

  • Whenever you download software, beware of viruses and installation of unwanted software. Always verify that you are downloading from a legitimate provider of software, and check each step of installation that you are not inadvertently installing programs you don't want.
  • Even legitimate companies will try to load other programs on your computer. For example, installing and Adobe Reader or Flash will do so unless you carefully uncheck options on the download page. BE AWARE!!!!
  • Anti-virus protection: The built-in Windows Defender is the best solution for protecting your Windows Computer. On older Windows OS, Microsoft Security Essentials is free from Microsoft
  • Firewall: The built-in Windows Firewall is generally adequate for use. Be SURE it is turned ON. If you want a more sophisticated Firewall that you can customize, Comodo is an excellent product. Again, be careful when you install and use the Custom Installation to disable installation of other programs they wish to promote.>
  • Spam Protection: Most people today are using online email systems that provide built-in Spam protection. We find the spam protection of Gmail is excellent.
  • Spyware Detection: Super Anti-Spyware Free Version
  • The free versions of the above have a few inconsequential limitations

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